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We provide consumers with safe, easy-to use and accurate diagnostic test kits. POC*it tests are for convenient self-testing in the private of your home. All tests are EU and USA certified.

How does it work?

Order your POC*it test

A variety of rapid home tests are available. Choose your specific test and order it in our shop.

Comfortably test at home

All tests can be done by yourself at home. The tests come with detailed and easy to use instructions.


Get results immediately

You will get the results just after a few minutes. Read the test instructions to interpret your results.

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Why buy from us

All our tests are verified and certified according to quality requirements in EU and USA.
We source or tests from leading global suppliers. All our suppliers are visited and reviewed according to our Quality System.


For more than 10 years, we have developed and sold rapid home tests to consumers. We have 20 years experience from diagnostics.
We have delivered rapid home tests to pharmacies for almost ten years. The level of quality required we bring to our E-com business


We have been tested by consumers! Selling more than 500 000 tests the last 4 years.
Palliance is a Scandinavian medical home care company with offices in Berlin, Stockholm and Oslo.

Choose your category


Quality test for pregnancy and fertility give women certainty in different phases of life. We provide a range of reliable tests which are easy to use at home.

Pregnancy tests, Ovulation tests, Urinary tract infection tests,  Others.


Health and prevention are important issues for men. We offer tests for men with various needs and preconditions.

Fertility tests, Others


Airborne allergies or other conditions that afflict children, can influence the wellbeing of whole families. Our tests offer you information and supporting your family in taking eventual actions or pre-cautions.

Gluten/Celiac tests, Airborne Allergy Screening, Cat Allergy tests, Dust mite Allergy tests, Others.

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