Ensure the health of your whole family!

The health of individual family members often affect the wellbeing of whole families. Early information will help start your preventive actions.

How does it work?

Order your POC*it test

A variety of rapid home tests are available. Choose your specific test and order it in our shop.

Comfortably test at home

All tests can be done by yourself at home. The tests come with detailed and easy to use instructions.

Get results immediately

You will get the results just after a few minutes. Read the test instructions to interpret your results.

Consult your doctor

After testing, consult your doctor or health service to prepare the next steps of your pregnancy or fertility planning.

Airborne Allergies

Stuffy nose and itching eyes? You just might have an allergy. The European Association for Allergy and Respiratory diseases estimates that 45% of all potential allergy sufferers are not diagnosed. Furthermore that the largest loss of economical productivity is due to allergy and respiratory conditions* 95% of all airborne allergies are due to cat, dust mite or grass pollen allergens. Test yourself with POC*its Allergy Screening test or our Cat and Dust mite specific test.

Gluten Allergy / Celiac Disease

A gluten allergy, also called celiac disease, can affect your well-being and can cause a variety of symptoms, like diarrhoea, stomach pain or weight-loss. Sometimes it can be difficult to make the right diagnosis since 8-10% of the gluten/celiac patients do not test positive with normal tests. The POC*it tests will test if you have both IgA or IgG antibodies to tTG in one single test and gives you certainty.

Child Diseases

Nothing stops the family more when your children are not feeling well. Early answers for potential indications are supportive when talking to a pharmacist or as help for setting up a doctor ́s appointment. Register to know about future launches of diagnostic products for child diseases.

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