Test your health at home. Find our quality range of tests for men below.

Several diseases/conditions can be a touchy subject that a lot of men don’t like to talk about. Test yourself in private at home with our accurate and easy to use POC*it tests.

How does it work?

Order your POC*it test

A variety of rapid home tests are available. Choose your specific test and order it in our shop.

Comfortably test at home

All tests can be done by yourself at home. The tests come with detailed and easy to use instructions.

Get results immediately

You will get the results just after a few minutes. Read the test instructions to interpret your results.

Consult your doctor

After testing, consult your doctor or health service to prepare the next steps of your pregnancy or fertility planning.

Fertility – a private issue

Fertility testing of men are for many couples a private and intimate issue. Palliance provides safe and reliable test that will give you your first answers conveniently at home.

Quality and experience make us a safe choice

We have experience from providing rapid home tests to pharmacies for almost ten years. We source or tests from leading global suppliers. All our tests are verified and certified according to standards from FDA* and CE**.

Register for coming products

Sign up for our coming tests. Palliance will launch a series of digestive health tests tailored at the need for men to test their colon health. Colon health is widely considered in the western world as one of the main sources for men health problems. It should be emphasized much in the same way men are checking their heart conditions.





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