Quality is part of everything we do. From the e-mails we write, to how we source products, work with manufacturers and how we engage with customers. Our suppliers are all certified according to international standards. We follow this up with our own supplier visits and assessments. We believe this is what brings safety and value to our customers.

All suppliers are certified according to the following international standards. For specific certifications on each product please contact us. For more information about our company, please read ABOUT US

Certification Europe

International Organization for Standards

Food and Drug Administration

Palliance is certified for development and sales of food supplements

This company is certified by Svensk Egenvård (the Swedish self-care organization) for following the established guidelines for food supplements and/or sport nutrition and weight loss safety. The audit is conducted independently.

Svensk Egenvård is a trade association for companies in the Swedish self-care industry. It organizes approximately 75% of all suppliers of natural and growth based medical and food supplements, sports nutrition, weight reduction and other supplements for specific clinical purposes. Svensk Egenvård are members of the European trade association Food Supplements Europe.



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