Test your health at home. Find our quality range of tests for women below.

Tests for women concerning pregnancy, fertility and intimate health gives certainty during different phases and situation in your life. Our tests are accurate, easy to use and manufactured by world class suppliers.

How does it work?

Order your POC*it test

A variety of rapid home tests are available. Choose your specific test and order it in our shop.

Comfortably test at home

All tests can be done by yourself at home. The tests come with detailed and easy to use instructions.

Get results immediately

You will get the results just after a few minutes. Read the test instructions to interpret your results.

Consult your doctor

After testing, consult your doctor or health service to prepare the next steps of your pregnancy or fertility planning.


Think you are pregnant? Order one of our tests and find out at your convenience at home. All POC*it tests are easy to use and provide accurate results. A range of different tests are available for your convenience.

Woman’s Intimate Health

coming soon

Some conditions afflict only women and are often a personal intimate situation for the single individual. Urinary Tract Infection is one condition familiar to many women. POC*it will offer a variety of tests that allows women to test themselves at home in a private setting. Our intimate tests will provide you with early information and to consult with your doctor for the necessary actions.


For many women and couples conceiving a child is a wanted blessing. WHO expert’s states that testing for Luteinizing Hormone (LH) is a reliable way to detect ovulation. POC*it Ovulations tests are intended for the rapid determination of LH in urine to establish when you are likely to ovulate. The POC*it ovulations tests are easy to use and are available for your home testing
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